« Best bike ever! » – Cassandra of Manhattan Beach, CA

Bought my Pedego two months ago and use it as a daily commuter in the south bay where I live. My office isn’t too far from home, but there are some big hills in between. No problem with my Pedego! it’s so convenient not to worry about finding parking and feeding the meter wherever I go. My car is a hybrid and I can’t remember the last time I had to fill the tank. Commuting via Pedego is fun and fast. I have taken it twice from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica (and back) to visit friends on lovely summer days. Each time, I’ve cruised the bike path and avoided the summer traffic snarl. Love this bike. So glad I bought it! And, when I thought I had a mechanical problem, Pedego’s staff (Terry) helped me out immediately so I was back riding within minutes. Last benefit worth mentioning, since I am riding every day, I am getting more exercise, looking and feeling stronger, healthier and slimmer. Love it!

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