Lights! Camera! Action!

During the night, our national ad campaign went live. The first clue was a screenshot sent to me by Pedego’s CFO. It showed my face at the top of the Time Warner Cable Business Class Youtube homepage. Huh! Me? Wow…

Then, when you scroll down, you can click on the video and see how much we love our business.

There’s also a dedicated webpage that tells more of our story.

So it’s the night before our party, and we’re busy preparing gift certificates for door-prizes and taking care of other last-minute details. This has been a fun ride, and now we’re switching it into high gear. I hope you’ll be able to join us for the festivities. It won’t take much coaxing to get Brian to perform some of his world-class magic. And CEO Don DiCostanzo will be here to share the joy and talk about the bikes. The weather looks promising, and the ride we have planned along the Coast should be cool and, well, so much FUN!

We’re here seven days a week, otherwise, and we’re always happy to introduce new friends to these amazing electric bikes.


See you on the bike path…IMG_2252