Outstanding bike – I recommend it without reservation!

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Review: I bought a Pedego Step-Thru Interceptor Model which I’ve had for about 2 months now. It is truly outstanding and I’d like to list some specifics that I’ve found:

1. Weight and bulk – this bike is more or less equivalent to driving a GMC Yukon. It lacks the agility of a light mountain bike, but is quite stable and comfortable to ride. There is a learning curve re controlling it but in a week, the owner will master it and be quite confident and proficient.
2. Comments on the electric motor assist (I find this to be invaluable for the following reasons):
a. Stamina enhancer – I am 73 and, although I’m in pretty good shape physically, I don’t have the sheer stamina that I used to; it is very nice when I’ve gone a long distance, i.e., 15-20 miles without assist, to know that I have the electric assist in reserve for the return trip, especially the twist throttle that allows me to ride without pedaling.
b. Acceleration: due to the bike’s weight and bulk, it is sometimes difficult to get going from a stop, especially on an incline – in these situations, I find that the motor will give a much appreciated boost to get me up to speed when it would be very difficult without the assist.
c. Motor can keep you out of trouble in « bunch-up » situations: I do most of my riding on a bike path on Cape Cod – in the summer, it is very congested and people have a habit of riding in packs, occupying most of width of the bike path, which can be very harrowing if you encounter them. In these situations, I simply engage the motor, sound the bell and glide past most of them in less than a minute, accompanied by looks of amazement and envy on their part.
d. Ease of top speed adjustment: I found that my insurance carrier would not issue me liability insurance for the e-bike unless its top speed was 15 mph. As shipped from the factory, it has a nominal top speed of 20 mph. I found, when I called the factory, that the folks there were extremely helpful and told me how to access a potentiometer in the rear of the bike (extremely easy to do) and adjust its speed by turning a screw on the potentiometer.
This was extremely important to me because I felt that the danger of liability if I happened to injure someone was imply too great to act as a self-insurer! This alone makes the e-bike the one of choice as far as I’m concerned.
e. Battery charge longevity: I’ve never driven 30 miles on battery alone, but after 3-5 miles of assist, I’ve found that the charge still registers « full. » I think the Lithium ion battery is superb and am extremely happy with its capacity (I have the 48 ampere battery, which is standard with the Interceptor).

As far as I’m concerned, the Pedigo is the best on the market and fairly priced. Their dealer network is expanding and I am confident that once the public « catches on » that we will see many more of them.

  • Reviewed By: Joe G.
  • Review Date: 27 May 2012
  • Reviewer Location: Cambridge, MA