Give Up My Tunes? Never!

cruzenNew year, new rules of the road here in California. This one affects all personal transport modes: It will be illegal to wear earbuds or headsets while driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle in the state of California.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up listening to music while you ride, though. We are proud to carry Cruzen Tunes Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Mount products. The speaker is wonderfully clear and easily removed when you leave your bike out. The Phone Mount is by far the best mount we’ve found and accommodates all but the mini-tablet sized phones.

Most newer model Pedegos now come equipped with a USB-charging port in the LCD display unit. Hold down the Start and + buttons for a few seconds and you’ll see the USB symbol pop up. That means you’re charged and ready to go.


Q&A: Hoverboards and Battery Safety

Question: I’ve been reading about these electric “hoverboard” scooters catching fire. Should I worry about my Pedego Electric Bike?

Answer: Fortunately there are some very important differences in the technology used in Pedego bikes and those used in “hoverboards” or “scooter boards.”

battery-stackThe main difference is battery quality. Pedego uses only batteries made by Samsung, arguably THE most reputable lithium-ion battery manufacturer in the world. A recent article in “Wired” magazine quotes Jay Whitacre, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University as saying, “There are a lot of factories in China that now make Li-ion batteries, and the reality is that the quality and consistency of these batteries is typically not as good as what is found in top tier producers such as LG or Samsung.” Li-ion battery fires are extremely rare when using high quality battery systems.

Pedego Electric Bike ChargerSimilarly, the chargers sold with these inferior units are also less reliable than those used by Pedego. According to Whitacre, “If there is not proper protection to the cells, and if the charger is defective, the cells can be severely overcharged.” Most battery fires are caused by overcharging.

Although Pedego has made every effort to make sure its batteries and chargers are of the highest quality, there are some things you can do to reduce the already minuscule risk of catastrophic battery failure:

  1. Make sure to use only the charger supplied by Pedego to charge your batteries. If your charger is missing or doesn’t seem to be working properly, replacement chargers can be purchased from any Pedego dealer.
  2. Remove your battery from the charger when the green light comes on. Leaving the battery on the charger shouldn’t hurt the battery. It’s more to reduce the chance of a problem in case of a malfunction. You don’t have to hover over it but it’s best not to leave your battery on the charger any longer than overnight.
  3. Store your bike, batteries, and charger in a dry place. While Pedego bikes are fairly weather resistant, charging the battery does expose it to the elements a bit more than when you’re riding.
  4. Keep the battery and charger away from heat sources like your furnace or clothes dryer. In general, it’s best to keep and charge your battery where the temperature is between 36 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Keep the battery in the “off” position, using the rocker switch on the battery, when not in use.  In other words, don’t rely on just turning the bike’s power off. (This is also a good habit to get into for security reasons.) Likewise, unplug your charger when not in use.

Pedego is now offering “fire safe bags” with all new bike purchases to give owners a high degree of confidence in the safety of their battery while charging. These bags will contain any flare up should there be a problem. If you already own a Pedego, ask your dealer about getting one of these bags.

Enjoy your ride and spread the word about how fun life can be with a Pedego Electric Bike!

Group Ride

1st Anniversary Celebration

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebration our first year anniversary! Special thanks go to Andrew for taking so many beautiful photographs; to Merley of Celebrate Sweetly Gifts and Ambassador for the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce; to CJ Chimenti, aka CJ the DJ for providing the soundtrack; to Cassidy and Don from Pedego Electric Bikes and to all of our wonderful friends, family and customers. Ride on!

Cathy Rogers

Are Electric Bikes Just for Lazy People?

Answering The Big Questions: I can pedal just fine … so why would I want an electric bike? Aren’t electric bikes just for lazy people?

We are asked questions like this daily. To be honest, I held these beliefs myself before being introduced to an e-bike. As a long-time road cyclist, I scoffed at the idea of letting a motor do the work and when my husband decided to turn a perfectly nice Trek mountain bike into an electric, I mocked him.

Until I tried it.

First, there’s the speed. Let’s face it – no matter how strong a cyclist you are, zipping along at 20 mph with little effort is intoxicating. Being a 50-year-old woman, it’s outright exhilarating to pass a MAMIL (middle-aged man in Lycra), especially on a hill.

The next thing I noticed was how much safer I felt. You know how it is when you are stopped at an intersection. First you have to worry about what gear you’re in, and then if you’re a REAL cyclist you have to make sure your shoes clip in properly. This can be stressful and diverts attention from surrounding traffic, pedestrians, dogs and other obstacles. With the electric power, you just twist the throttle and zoom through the intersection — usually ahead of the cars, which is a much safer place to be.

Photo Nov 02, 10 29 57 AMThen there’s my desire to do the right thing for the environment. I’ve tried numerous times to be a bike commuter, but inevitably abandoned the idea even though I only lived about five miles from work. But being a commuter meant I had to think about what clothes to bring with me because I knew I would arrive at work sweaty and disheveled. It took longer and I had to change in a restroom (often gross) and remember to bring a comb and makeup to try to make myself presentable. It was such a chore! But with the electric bike, I can get to work without all the muss and fuss, and much faster. If I’m feeling spry at the end of the day, I turn the power down (or completely off) and get some exercise. On those days when I’m wiped out, I turn on the pedal assist and let the bike do the work.

MonicaMy ride is now equipped with a set of cute panniers (aka saddle bags) that hold a mess of stuff including my hefty bike lock, a laptop, my purse and a backup jacket … most everything I need. I can run into a store and grab a jug of milk or some provisions for dinner. And I don’t have to worry about the extra weight since the motor is there to help out at a moment’s notice.

But the best thing is the joy I feel while I am riding. The minute I start moving on my bike I am happy. The sensation of the air, the smell of the trees, and the sounds of the birds — I feel very lucky to be able to experience this whenever I like.