Pedego Big Island: Saying Aloha to Life!

How Craig and Michelle Pivo escaped daily office drudgery for a sunny beach scene.

Craig and Michelle enjoy a sunset

At 50, Craig Pivo had heard enough about sickness and death. After all, he’d been part of those difficult discussions every day for 25 years. As a pharmacy owner for 18 years followed by work as a medical liaison for a pharmaceutical company — well, there was little else to debate. His wife Michelle, 52, felt the same. « I was tired of talking with doctors and dealing with teams of sales reps while having to walk through the mind field known as Corporate America, » she quipped.  That little pun said it all for the former pharmaceutical sales exec. For decades, both Pivos had worked hard in this emotionally demanding industry, and they were burned out.

The first time they rode a Pedego electric bike, they both realized they’d found a new direction. « Our dreams began to unfold, » said Craig. « We both realized, after careful discussion, that this was exactly what the doctor ordered. » One major life lesson they had both gleaned from their careers was that time was precious. Their personal goal was to live in Hawaii, and they hated the thought that it could be put off and delayed until it never came true. « Life is not a guarantee, and each day is a blessing, » said Michelle. « We were stoked to find out that our dream could become a reality. »

Leaving their highly paid careers was not an easy decision for the Pivos. « We had always played it safe, » said Craig. « However, every single week, we complained to each other about something at work, whether it was a patient problem or an issue with a doctor. » Gallup states that about a third of Boomer entrepreneurs seek an encore career because it allows them to be more independent, and another third make the change to pursue a passion, which is exactly what the Pivos did. « Looking back, this was a long time in coming, » noted Craig.

The more the Pivos learned about the Pedego Electric Bikes company, the more convinced they were that they’d found the right prescription.  » We had discussions with the brass at Pedego, » said Michelle. « We love that they enthusiastically stand behind their products. »

Craig’s experience owning a pharmacy helped him evaluate Pedego as a business venture prior to jumping in. He uses his business expertise to manage day-to-day operations that make the store successful, even using the same bookkeeping software that he used for his pharmacy. Michelle’s marketing skills and her strength in building customer satisfaction have made her an invaluable team leader. « When people walk into Pedego Big Island, they immediately feel the warmth of Michelle and her Aloha spirit, » said Craig, who says he is inspired by working with his wife. They also both enjoy being in charge of their destiny without the constant, nagging worry of corporate downsizing.

The career switch has changed their lives by letting them hang up their business suits for shorts and flip flops. « Our Pedego store has given us the independence of living the life we always dreamed of, and more importantly, to follow through on a promise we made to each other: Never have regrets and remember that life is a gift. There is no guarantee that we will see another sunset. Always live your dreams! Without Pedego, we would still be in our Mainland offices dreaming of being in Hawaii with little to look forward to but our annual vacations there. Now…we’ve located our business — and our future —  in our favorite vacation destination!  Hello Fun! »