« Man I dig these bikes » – Buddy K. of Seattle, WA

Bought two bikes without a test ride based solely on the pedego presentation and reviews I saw. The chap Stan I purchased them from was very prompt with all communication regarding the sale, almost like buying from a favorite uncle. We live in Seattle and have steep hills, on my second day I took it up a 21 grade and darn it if the electric bike did make it! I had to pedal hard but it got up with my 57 year old legs. This is a hill I need to walk my uber expensive mountain bike up. I had a scratch on the frame (my fault) a call to pedego and they sent paint for both bikes no charge. Cant wait for pedego accessories to come to market.
My wife and I are bonding and seeing the neighborhood like never before.
I like it when a product exceeds my expectations, get the 15ah battery if you expect hills. we have signed up for a MS ride.
Can’t wait to blow by the road bikes ringing my cool handlebar bell « on your left »

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