Art and Motion on Bicycles


Cody’s artistry with wood really shows in his colorful custom fenders.

Growing up in sunny SoCal had many perks, not the least of which was enjoying the surfing culture that led to wonderful woody cars back in the day. These wood-paneled station wagons appealed to just about everybody. Families could ride to the beach in style, and surfers enjoyed a memorable mode of transport for their boards. We in the OC used to see them all the time. From early childhood, I simply assumed that someday I would grow up to drive a woody. Now, instead, it’s my distinct pleasure to make woody bikes available to Pedego riders!

Pedego deserves its reputation for sourcing only the best components. When it comes to after-market additions, Brian and I feel obliged to find items that live up to this level of quality, artistry and performance. Our wood add-ons by Woodys Fenders in Oregon live up to our expectations.  Cody Davis, the « Woody » in Woody’s Custom Fenders, » hand-makes all the fenders, chain guards and more from many varieties and colors of natural wood. Whether you choose bamboo, cherry, maple or some other gorgeous wood, the results are truly artistic! Our customers can visit his website and select the style they’d like in matching fenders and chain guard. Then we arrange to have them brought to our store and assembled on the Pedego bike of their dreams.

Check out Cody’s work at:

Then, give us a call and we’ll arrange delivery and installation. Already own a Pedego? Bring it by for installation. Or if you’re ready to build the woody bike of your dreams, we can make it happen for you. Just call 562-296-5782 and say, « I want a woody bike! »

See you on the bike path…


It's fun and fresh to Pedego in cool weather.

It’s fun and fresh to Pedego in cool weather.

Thanksgiving Day in Southern California. What can I write for our readers Back East? Okay, I admit it! Our thermometer struck California gold in the 80s yet again. In late autumn. While others around the country were shivering in snow, Brian and I were concerned that it would be too hot to ride inland. But we knew a breeze from the bikes could refresh us, so we kept our plan to ride around La Cañada Flintridge for the entire day.

Oh, and what a day it was! We parked near the splendid Descanso Gardens nestled in a neighborhood where streets are lined by trees that arch to form a single verdant canopy. On each side of us, mansions overlooked their exuberant gardens. The still air infusing this place embraced us — replacing any residual stress with serenity — while we pedaled up and down the undulating foothills that cradle this city. I’m truly thankful for our Thanksgiving.

But even in the Great SoCal the weather does eventually fluctuate. Today, the clouds arrived and we felt the moisture of a few meager raindrops. The temperature plummeted to 68 degrees. This, I think, made everyone run inside, throw on parkas and cuddle up by a roaring fire. Or maybe a TV.

My friends who couldn’t do that were stuck at work. I worry about them. All week they bustle about in cramped cubicles and offices. What’s worse, every day they breathe recycled air — a stagnant draft sharing the viruses their office-mates bring in from the region’s schools. I know about this because I used to be one of them. I enjoyed the work, but I wasn’t so happy with the cubicle farm that held us captive alongside three people coughing up their lungs. Now, I think about my friends I left behind. How can they put some fresh, healthy oxygen into their blood? All I can do is wish this for my friends:

Fresh air.

So, to my friends and to everyone stuck indoors this winter, please take my advice. Find a path and ride it. Hop on your Pedego if you have one. Or stop by our shop and rent a bike for the afternoon. Sure, it’s good for my shop. But it’s even better for you — for your health, your sanity, your relationships and your simple enjoyment of life. The grand outdoors doesn’t cease to exist because the weather turns cool. Rather, the paths open up with fewer crowds, the beaches present dramatic, pristine vistas, and the fresh breeze renews and invigorates your body. Put on a comfortable coat and join me.  We’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of the season together.

See you on the bike path…

Radio Frequency

Beth enjoyed speaking with Tom and Lynn on their radio show "Sunday Brunch" last weekend.

Beth enjoyed speaking with Tom and Lynn on their radio show « Sunday Brunch » last weekend.

When you’re a writer and a rider, you have to watch for twists in the road. Sometimes they bring hazards. Sometimes they bring fun. Often enough, they bring both.

The trick is to go around the bend full-throttle.

So when Teri, the delightful lady who handles PR for Pedego, asked me to participate in a radio interview … I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Before I owned a bike shop, I worked as a staff writer for a public speaking organization. This is a great thing about being a writer; you can move around and build a lot of interesting skills while writing about them. At Toastmasters International, they practice impromptu speaking with an activity called Table Topics. It’s a fun way to improve your responses to questions — answering clearly and persuasively. My time spent researching and writing about that came in especially handy last weekend, when I agreed to participate in a radio interview about the bikes. A more-nervous public speaker might have stumbled through this event, or worse, declined to participate. In truth, it had been a couple of years since I took part in Table Topics, so the thought raced through my mind that I should perhaps beware the microphone. I no longer speak in public with great frequency, and I could make mistakes. But I quickly quashed that idea and jumped right in. After all, there was something more important than my pride: It was an opportunity to share news about Pedego electric bikes with the listening public — an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

Sure, I felt a few butterflies at first. But Tom and Lynn, the hosts of “Sunday Brunch” on KOCI, helped me feel comfortable in this game of verbal tennis, tossing ideas back and forth — and I even slammed a few to score points. It felt good to return to the podium. It felt even better to share some important news about Pedego electric bikes. I’m so glad I grabbed the throttle and leaned into the turn. What a ride!

See you on the bike path …

The Cycle of Life

This was the best family reunion ever!

This was the best family reunion ever!

I come from a family of cyclists – and I didn’t know it until just recently.

To be sure, bicycles have always been in my life. As a child, I often admired an old sepia photo of my parents posing beside a bicycle on their first date. But I don’t recall ever seeing Mom or Dad ride bikes the entire time I was growing up. It may have been because we lived in a hilly neighborhood, and they (like many) couldn’t fight the hills. Yet bikes were present. We have photos of my dad helping me with my first trike and later they bought me my first bicycle too. But our family spent a lot of time on other activities that involved more musical instruments than wheels.

So as a bicycle lover, I always felt like the odd-duck. The years rolled by and I grew up with this feeling — though it didn’t stop me from riding. I asked for a bicycle as an anniversary gift from my first husband. And when our son came along, I rode with my child plopped securely into a baby seat on the back. A lifetime later, Brian and I tried riding beach cruisers in Newport. Though that adventure failed, it worked too, in that we discovered happiness with Pedego bikes. But I was still the odd one in the family. And when we made the decision to own a bicycle shop — well, siblings averted their eyes any time our store was mentioned.

But then, a few months ago I reconnected with some cousins. These are people about my age whom I hadn’t seen in decades. We lost track of each other so many years ago. I found them via the Internet, and what a jubilant surprise it was to learn that their family had enjoyed many family biking trips together – to the degree that they’d taken riding trips in foreign countries. Moreover, their parents keep a garage full of bicycles! These parents, Mel and Nancy, are young and fit into their 70s and are superb role (and roll) models for all of us. When both generations of cousins arrived at the shop for a first visit, I could swear all the bike bells rang with joy.

Mom and Dad passed away years ago, but I believe they would have loved seeing our group of reconnected cousins taking off on a Pedego electric bike tour of Naples Island that day. It was such a pleasure to feel the shared love for an activity among family members. Here’s to the best reunion ever!

See you on the bike path …

Lights! Camera! Action!

During the night, our national ad campaign went live. The first clue was a screenshot sent to me by Pedego’s CFO. It showed my face at the top of the Time Warner Cable Business Class Youtube homepage. Huh! Me? Wow…

Then, when you scroll down, you can click on the video and see how much we love our business.

There’s also a dedicated webpage that tells more of our story.

So it’s the night before our party, and we’re busy preparing gift certificates for door-prizes and taking care of other last-minute details. This has been a fun ride, and now we’re switching it into high gear. I hope you’ll be able to join us for the festivities. It won’t take much coaxing to get Brian to perform some of his world-class magic. And CEO Don DiCostanzo will be here to share the joy and talk about the bikes. The weather looks promising, and the ride we have planned along the Coast should be cool and, well, so much FUN!

We’re here seven days a week, otherwise, and we’re always happy to introduce new friends to these amazing electric bikes.


See you on the bike path…IMG_2252