Riding an Electric Bike in the desert

Pedego Electric Bikes Henderson on the Wetlands Trail

Henderson, Nevada prides itself on its award winning beautiful parks and trails system. The trails cover over 120 miles throughout the city. This video is a beautiful bike ride sponsored by Pedego Henderson, highlighting Pedego Electric Bikes. The video shows the ease of riding a Pedego Electric Bike on long distances. Especially for those riders who have mobility problems, and can no longer make those long rides on difficult terrain.

This ride started on Henderson’s Wetlands Trail in Clark County’s Wetlands Park. The trail is paved and is wide enough to accommodate bike riders passing each other. The trail meanders through the heavily vegetated wetlands area, and soon crosses the Las Vegas Wash. The trail opens up to views of the mountains surrounding the Las Vegas Valley, and even the Las Vegas Strip.

The ride continued all the way to Lake Las Vegas Resort, where the riders took a short break to take pictures. The ride back was just as easy. Round trip was a total of twenty-five miles, and the battery life for the electric motors still had plenty of capacity at the end of the ride.

For more information on Pedego Electric Bikes, contact owner Howard “Mr. Electric Bike” Ickes at 702-366-9300 or visit our website at pedegohenderson.com.


10 Reasons Why Ford Cruisers are Special

1. Designed for Pedego by world renowned bicycle Architect Tony Ellsworth.

2. Soars from zero to 20 mph effortlessly with a 48 volt battery and powerful 600 watt brushless geared motion.

3. Crown fork with adjustable handlebars hand a 7 speed geared twist shifter on the left and a twist throttle on the right.

4. Fit fords required design elements; sleek styling and a sporty feel that make riding fun, whether you’re seeking adventure or running errands. Lire la suite


Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The twenty five foot high “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was created in 1959 by Las Vegas sign designer Betty Whitehead Willis. It was constructed by Western Neon Sign Company for $4,000. In May 2009, this symbol of Las Vegas become a part of the  » National Register of Historic Places » as an example of the golden age of neon signs and roadside  » google  » architecture of the 1950’s.

The pictures of our Pedego electric biked taken in front of the famous Las Vegas sign were taken on July 10, 2014. The Pedego electric bikes were provided by Pedego Henderson electric bikes. Additional information regarding the electric bikes can be obtained at pedegohenderson.com


A Ride on History

One of Pedego Henderson Electric Bikes’ favorite trails for bike rentals and tours is filled with history. The trail is about 3.5 miles long one way and there are five tunnels that are approximately 25 feet in diameter. The trail runs from Lake Mead National Recreation Area entrance to the back of the Hoover Dam Parking Garage.

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