Pedego Latch in Action

Newport Beach Indy: Pedego Unfolds New Compact Electric Bike

The Newport Beach Indy features the new Pedego Latch electric folding bike. The article also reports on the new electric bike laws in California, and gives an overview of other brands of electric bikes available from Pedego.

« Having never ridden an electric bike, I learned that the Latch – while smaller than other Pedego bikes – adjusts to the feel of a full-size electric bike, with power to match. »

Biz Buzz: Pedego Unfolds New Compact Electric Bike

Pedego Latch

Flying Magazine: Pedego Introduces New Foldable Electric Bike

Flying Magazine reports on the new folding electric from Pedego – the Latch. The article describes the bike in detail and includes a video showing how to fold it in about 30 seconds.

« If you are looking for easy transportation that you can stow in your airplane, Pedego’s new foldable electric bicycle may be right for you. Named Latch the bike allows you to get around without exerting too much effort. It can be pedaled normally or you can get a boost from the bike’s electric motor. »

Flying Magazine: Pedego Introduces New Foldable Electric Bike


Southern California Bicyclist: Pedego Stretch 150 Mile Journey

The Pedego Stretch graced the cover of the Southern California Bicyclist Magazine this month. Inside is an exciting account of one man’s epic adventure from Santa Barbara to Orange County (about 150 miles) in a single day. The article includes lots of great photos.

« After a solid eight hours in the saddle, and three drained batteries later, I arrived home. The satisfaction of finishing was different from what I felt after my usual bike ride. I marveled at the possibilities afforded by such a simple machine… When I sunk into bed after my day’s adventure, I wondered: What else could be done without a car? »

Read the full Pedego Stretch article.

Pedego Stretch on Magazine Cover

Coast Magazine

Coast Magazine: 5 Exhilarating and Innovative Ways to get your Exercise On

Coast Magazine listed Pedego Electric Bikes as one of five exhilarating and innovative ways to be active. They give some background on the company, describe how an electric bicycle works, and show how people can lose weight by riding.

« Picture yourself riding uphill on a bicycle – out of breath, weak at the knees, struggling to make it to the top. Take that same scenario, but replace the overexertion with effortless pedaling, freedom and fun. That’s the Pedego philosophy. »

Read the full Coast Magazine Article.

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Yahoo Travel: Pedego Corona Del Mar Electric Bike Tour

A Electric Bike tour from Pedego Corona Del Mar made Yahoo Travel’s list of the top 10 reasons to visit Newport Beach. The author writes that it was her favorite outdoor adventure in the area.

« Pedego bikes look like regular beach cruisers, and you can pedal them just like any other bike. But — here’s the brilliance — heading into a hill or feeling a little bit lazy? You can twist a handlebar, and battery power kicks in to coast you right along. »

Yahoo Travel: 10 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Newport Beach This Winter