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Spotlight on Small Business – Pedego Irvine

The following article is from the Irvine Community News and Views.

Pedego IrvineBob Bibee lived in Huntington Beach and worked in the aerospace industry, when he decided people were not meant to work in a 10’x10’ office.  Eventually, he moved to Irvine, opening PEDEGO two years ago. Bob, his wife Yo, and their three children have now lived in Irvine for 19 years.

Bob’s mission and passion is helping people to leave cars at home and use bikes for errands, commuting and just plain fun! “Irvine,” he says, “is probably the best location in the world for bike lanes and off-street trails. It’s just incredible.”

“Electric bikes help cross the bridge between those who love to ride and those who may struggle to ride. Electric bikes provide fresh, exciting, fun outdoor activity for families – and include Tandems, Tag-a-longs and Trailers for youngsters.”

PEDEGO’s initial targeted demographic was baby boomers – some perhaps with problem hips or knees, MS, obesity — issues that discourage biking because of hills, inclines, and distance.  Enter the E-bike!  Now, Bob’s clients can be seen with what he calls the PEDEGO SMILE — they say they “feel like a kid again.”

Even millennials are on board.  For example, one 20-year old student’s parents offered to buy a car for her 24-mile round-trip commute to work.  Her response? “But I don’t want a car – I want this E-bike.”

The Pedego business model includes hosting corporate events for Boards of Directors, for Team-Building, and for corporate Sales Staff.  His hosted events provide full connectivity for meetings and presentations on site.  It’s so much better than a sterile hotel.

How’s this for a perfect business day hosted by Pedego?  Breakfast catered by Champagne Bakery — coffee and quiche; lunch with a team-building scenic ride to Strawberry Farms offering outdoor and indoor dining; and late afternoon artisan cheese and baguettes from Champagne Bakery.  Also, there’s the intimate Pub and Wine Bar with cool music.

PEDEGO is the perfect business, in the perfect community, in the perfect Woodbridge Village Center – and Irvine is the perfect hub for hundreds of miles of unparalleled, beautiful biking experiences.

Special events at PEDEGO will be announced throughout 2015.  Stop by anytime.  You’ll be amazed!