Pedego Electric Bikes Do Your Heart Good

This Valentine’s Day, electric bike riders are heart healthy and oh-so-happy!

IRVINE, Calif. — Jan. 28, 2015 — What does the physical heart have to do with the romantic “heart” of love lore? Plenty, according to the Center for Disease Control. Its website states that you should “stay ‘heart healthy’ for yourself and your loved ones.” It’s no coincidence that the American Heart Association chose February as its National Heart Month. Whether you’re starting a new romance or celebrating a long-lived love affair, it makes sense to stay as heart healthy as possible.

  • Improve Your Heart Health While Enjoying Life. Diet and genetics certainly play a role, but regular aerobic exercise is a key influence on heart health. The trick is to make the exercise regular. Here are a few secrets to help you find that rhythm:
  • Exercise disguised as fun. On a Pedego electric bike, pedal as much as you want and use the electric throttle to conquer hills or headwinds along the way. It’s just plain fun, which of course encourages regular rides.
  • Follow your heart to adventure. Where there are Pedego electric bikes, romantic adventures are sure to follow. Married more than 30 years, Cathy and Paul Rogers of Pittsburgh kept the romance alive by participating in last summer’s Big Ride Across America, cycling 3,300 miles from Washington State to Washington D.C. Paul rode a traditional bike, and Cathy was able to join her husband because of her Pedego Interceptor electric bike. Together, she and Paul enjoyed the adventure of a lifetime. Cathy lost weight on the ride and finished in great physical shape. “My health is great, thanks in part to the exercise I got during this ride,” she said.
  • Make it a date. At 56, Suzanne Burke found the way to improved health and happiness in 2014. At the start of last year, she battled Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol — common ailments among Boomers. She lives near a beach bike path, and her health-improvement plan included riding her bicycle every day. Suzanne spiced up her rides by inviting potential love interests to join her on the bike path for a first date. “It really shows you who they are,” she explained. Suzanne did this for a few months and eventually pedaled her way to finding the path partner of her dreams.
  • Look and Feel 10 Years Younger. — Studies have shown that regular cyclists experience the general health of someone approximately 10 years younger. Cycling can also help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and can even help fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, women who ride 20 miles per week may reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 50 percent. Plus, cycling can burn 500 calories per hour, helping cyclists lose or control their weight while improving their general fitness.

Feeling fit and strong enables you to enjoy the love you share. And Pedego electric bikes are helping riders go for love with all their hearts.

About Pedego
Pedego® Electric Bikes, the world’s premier electric bicycle brand, transforms people’s lives with fun and an abundance of delightful moments. Pedego’s stylish, colorful bikes boast the latest in electric bicycle technology and deliver a green alternative for transportation, exercise and recreation. Riders sail up hills and breeze through headwinds! Pedego “pedal or not” models include the Comfort Cruiser, City Commuter and Trail Tracker. Hailing from Orange County, Calif., Pedego is the fastest growing electric bicycle company in the world. Pedego electric bikes are sold in more than 800 stores in 40 countries. For more information, please visit


Pedego’s Participation at Google’s Earth Day Celebration

Pedego Electric Bikes just participated in Google’s 2 wheeled vehicle demo event. In celebration of Earth Day, Google invited a handful of big-name electric vehicle manufacturers to the Googleplex to promote alternative transportation. With over 20,000 employees at their Mountain View, CA campus, Google is hoping to alleviate some heavy morning traffic by encouraging those living within a reasonable distance to bike to work.

Pedego gave free test rides throughout the day to hundreds of Googlers, showcasing our entire line of electric bikes. As we had anticipated, the City Commuter was the crowd favorite due to its magnificent form and function design elements.  The Pedego Trail Tracker was also a favorite with a line of people waiting to take it for a ride on the designated track.



The Perfect Bike for Individuals with Breathing Disorders such as COPD

Never in my life did I ever dream of spending $2,000 for a bike and then not only buying one buying one but two, one for my wife and one for myself. We love them and have never regretted our Pedego purchase. It is just, as you might say, what the doctor ordered. We both love riding, not racing style but leisurely through neighborhoods. About eight years ago, we purchased our first set of regular bikes together and then about four years ago our second set. On the weekends during the spring and summer months, we would load our bikes on the back of the car, drive to a new neighborhood and ride for an hour or so. Though we love to ride it was often difficult to enjoy.  My wife has COPD and gets winded very easily. Riding into the slightest wind, or up the smallest incline was impossible without often stopping to take a break.

Then one Saturday, I was driving along and passed by this electric bike store. I went in, asked questions and before I knew what was happening, I was test riding a Pedego Comfort Cruiser. I thought that this would be ideal for my wife. I wanted to purchase one for her and surprise her with it, but at that price, the surprise was out of question. My thought was that I could get her one and then I could continue riding my regular bike. My wife worked that day so when she got home, I took her to the store, this part was a surprise. We each took a Pedego out for a test ride. It was during the test ride that I concluded that one bike would not do. Though I am in fairly good shape, there was no way I would be able to keep up with her. When we got back to the store, we talked for a few minutes and ended up purchasing both.

We have only had these bikes for a little less than a year but have ridden all over the city. We even revisited Back Bay State Park which is a very tough 18 mile round trip over gravel, dirt, and sad. It is beautiful scenery but my wife hesitated in making the trip since we did it several years earlier and realized it wasn’t much fun due to her breathing disorder. She, we, thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It was not a difficult ride and we were both able to enjoy the view. We have even put our bikes on the back of our car and driven 7 hours to ride on a 35 mile round trip on a bike path along side old railroad tracks. We intend to do this at least once a year. We also rode on the 40 mile bike trip throughout Virginia Beach. You are probably wondering how we rode 40 miles with a battery that has a charge for 20 to 25 miles. I use the battery as little as possible, only when I really need it to get up a hill or against a stronger wind. This way, I preserve my battery and when my wife’s gets to about ¼ charge, we switch batteries. We probably could have gotten 45 to 50 miles this way. My next purchase will be two more batteries so we can carry a spare with us, which will double our riding distance.

This is a perfect bike for those with COPD that want to get our and ride but cannot. What a great slogan, “The perfect bike for those with COPD.” We have found, and sure others will as well, that even through these bikes are expensive, they are ideal for those that want to get outside and once again enjoy a bike ride but cannot due to some sort of breathing disorder. We would have purchased these year ago had we realized that there were such bikes that she could ride without worrying if the wind was going to kick up or if the bike path had a small include. With this bike it opens up a whole new world of activities one can do. It also doesn’t hurt getting many compliments from both kids and adults on how cool our electric bikes look.

Start building your perfect Pedego electric bike!

Customized Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego electric bikes come in a variety of colors ranging from classic black & white to vibrant colors such as our newest design, the coral step-through cruiser with turquoise rims! Once you select the type of Pedego electric bike you want, you can customize your bike by frame color, tire color, and rim color.

Here are just a few « Special Edition » Pedegos that we’ve designed over the years:

Tommy Bahama – Pedego Classic Cruiser Electric Bike

Anaheim Angels – Pedego Classic Cruiser Electric Bike (created specifically for the Tim Salmon Foundation)

4th of July – Pedego Classic Cruiser Electric Bike

LA Lakers – Pedego Classic Cruiser Electric Bike

SF Giants – Pedego Classic Cruiser Electric Bike