The best bike I’ve ever owned

Review: I just wanted to send you a personal thanks, for selling such an amazing bike. On Monday night, while doing my usual commute home from work, I hit a pothole that I didn’t see at all (no streetlights, and even with a very bright headlight, it was not visible at that angle). I took a tumble, and in part because I used to mountain bike for a number of years, I put the bike down under me to minimize my impact with the asphalt. The Pedego came up like a champ- I’m gonna need to find some touch up paint for the handlebars, and the left handbrake got twisted around (already got that straightened out)- but the frame and all other components came out just fine. Once I did a quick check over that I wasn’t broken (or missing any components), I was even able to ride the next couple of blocks home. Thank you again, because I’m convinced, if I would have picked a lesser bike, the outcome might not have been so fortunate.

  • Reviewed By: Matthew N.
  • Review Date: 05 Apr 2012
  • Reviewer Location: Chatsworth, CA

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